End of Series Finale

Monday 6th September marks the start of my last week at Oracle. But then I’ve never thought of myself as working for Oracle, never wanted to work for them. So it’s my last week at Sun Microsystems. Do you know I’ve hardly talked to anyone at Oracle who didn’t come over with Sun.

I think Zeno was right though, I just keep halving the time until I leave and each half feels as long as the bit just halved. I creep asymptotically towards leaving.

On the off-chance that I do get there, my last day is officially Thursday 9th September 2010 but I have that as vacation.

I leave behind friends, colleagues and a strange bunch of others that I obviously never really understood. Listening to a podcast today with Solaris heavyweights Dan Roberts, Chris Armes and Bill Nesheim talking about SPARC without mentioning the name “Sun Microsystems”, it’s like they were a separate entity that were accommodated by Sun for a while and now are accommodated by Oracle. Boy are they in for a surprise.

Maybe this is just an attempt at a sound byte, but I do believe that the world was a better place with Sun Microsystems in it. Shame on those that wrecked it. I sent Jonathan Schwartz an email on the day that the acquisition was announced, I told him that he was to blame, that he had destroyed everything that we had built. I should have called him ‘a Scoundrel’. He never replied to my email, hopefully it was lost in a flood of similar.

I have been bitter about the acquisition, but I’m not able to sustain such feelings for long. I hope that all the Sun Microsystems people that remain will be treated better than they have been so far, I wish Oracle every success in their plans to make lots of money (seemingly their mission statement)… OK, still bitter then, it’s better but won’t be fully gone until I leave.

As for Java, I have my Duke plush and he’ll go wherever I go. I’ve not been completely loyal to him over the years but I keep coming back to him. Duke doesn’t care about acquisitions and law suits, he’s above all that.

So that just leaves me to say goodbye to my friends at Sun and farewell to all of my colleagues. We did great things at Sun and I have many fond memories to take away with me. The spirit of Sun Microsystems lives on in all Sun Alumni everywhere.


6 Responses to “End of Series Finale”

  1. Mark R. Bowyer Says:

    Less of the goodbyes please. If we don’t still see you fairly regularly, I for one will be very disappointing.

    Don’t be a stranger, and good luck,


  2. Xinfeng Liu Says:

    I didn’t know you love Sun so much. When I manged to read through this literary blog, my eyes were wet.
    About a week ago, I was the last person leaving office, when I saw the staff taking off the board with Sun logo, the bitterness in my heart…

    Good Luck!

  3. Jignesh Shah Says:

    All the best for your new ventures!


  4. Jyri Says:

    Glad to see you heading for happier times and away from the sorry mess that is oracle. We’ll all miss Sun, but life is good once you step away.

  5. Bryan Cantrill Says:

    Enjoyed the candor — many feel the same way, obviously! As for Sun making the world a better place, definitely agree — and the reason is pretty simple: we at Sun could always answer the “why Sun?” question. That is, at our root, we were about something. In that regard, I am thankful for Oracle for teaching me something about myself: as it turns out, I need to work for a company that is about something — I need to work for a company that has a soul. (Which I think even Larry would agree does not in any way describe Oracle.) So good luck in your future endeavors, and may we lift a glass to Sun when our paths cross!

  6. Kimberley Brown Says:

    Hiya Mandy,

    I wish you the very best going forward and life long success!

    If you ever find another “Sun”, let me know. I miss the enthusiasm, kick butt attitudes, and talent that produced awesome products. Yes, Sun was once great for the world, but taken down…. And Snoracle, well it just is not the Sun we knew and loved.

    Be well. Be happy. And please stay in touch!


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