Starting over

My original blog is at

I originally set out to solve the kind of issues that everyone hits when trying to build and deploy F/LOSS applications on esoteric platforms such as OpenSolaris. It would have worked better if OpenSolaris were more successful, but also and with hindsight, it would have been better to work harder to make it so that these problems never occurred in the first place. That would involve either changing OpenSolaris or changing the upstream application. OpenSolaris integration processes are long-winded and it’s not always easy to convince upstream communities to integrate fixes for minority platforms.  In the end I often took the easier route of “hey, when you hit this issue do this…” and there’s no way that that’s optimal for anyone. BTW: I can’t thank the Ruby, lighttpd and EventMachine folks enough for all the support they’ve given us.

Anyway, that’s all in the past. I really feel the need to have a blog that’s independent of my employer and I aim to use it to it’s maximum. I won’t blog trivia as I can do that with Twitter (@tekgrrl) – and no that’s not all that Twitter is good for – but I have some amazing opportunities and some ridiculously scary plans in the pipeline and I’d be foolish not to share them with whoever cares to listen.


One Response to “Starting over”

  1. A Hettinger Says:

    I for one will miss you in the SJ community. Frankly, from the looks of things I will miss SJ all together. That said, you don’t get to beat yourself up too much, from where I sat, you where one of the hardest working people in that community.

    Good luck.

    A. Hettinger (Oninoshiko)

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